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Boost team productivity with smart search that scales across the project and helps people easily and securely find information across all of your organization’s content sources — Aconex, Procore, Microsoft Sharepoint, Building Code of Australia(BCA), Legislation, Standards, Onedrive, and more.


Modern constructions projects are technological marvels — and all that technology produces enormous amounts of data, documents, and information

The current digital landscape and use of multiple apps and tools means there is a dispersement of crucial information.

Users have to navigate between apps, drives and websites to find the information they are looking for which is inefficient and time-consuming. Obtaining the best, most relevant information becomes a lot more difficult. Often your team have difficulty finding content specific to your project query.

For example: Did you know "Balustrade minimum height?" and "Stair minimum width?" are the most searched Google queries associated with compliance. Do you want to rely on Google for compliance?

Modern, Familiar Search

STAY CONNECTED - Unified relevance
Connect all of your organization's data sources to Tribus, Top-ranked content is surfaced across all the indexed sources, in a single, unified set of results.
Secure, need-to-know access
Centralize all your organizational data, but compartmentalize access. The simple User Interface to make it easy to keep documents restricted to the right people.
Smart Search
Automatic keyword detection means you don't need to check boxes or flip switches to filter your results — it just happens as you type.

We're Enterprise Ready

BCA 2019 Compliant
  All documents conform with current legislation and industry codes. If you are building to BCA 2016 we can customoize the knowledge base.
Document Management
  Connect with Multiple Platforms
  Rapid Project Setup
  Upload Files Locally
Document Management
  Our Cloud is ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO/IEC 27018
  FedRamp and SOC 1, 2 Reports Compliant
  Reports Compliant

Enterprise Search, simplified